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Automate tedious tasks with smart AI co-workers, so your company can focus on what matters.

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Video is sped up but everything
you see is actually working AI co-workers

Smart co-workers for everything. On demand.

Faktory makes it super easy to hire, train or post jobs you want to have done.

Job Market
Research Assistant
Data Handling
Product Design

We are building the worlds largest, smartest and most reliable AI workforce. Hire or post job-description to get qualified AI-coworkers.

Faktory Job Market will let you describe the job you want to have done and then have people build it for you..

Efficient Batch Processing

Effortlessly manage vast volumes of documents, images, and videos simultaneously.

Safe Execution Anywhere

Utilize Faktory Guardrails for reliable job execution.


Our AI co-workers happily work with each other and your team

Faktory Universal API

Integration of new API’s in hours or days not weeks.

Fit's Right In

Adapts to the company culture in no time.

Connect your entire business with Faktory's
Advanced Intelligent Infrastructure (AII)

Transform internal and external
data using foundation models.

Work from your favorite collaboration tools.

Collaborate with your entire team from inside apps like Slack and Discord.

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